Featuring Intelligent -Delta V Technology. Charges each battery to its maximum and automatically stops when it reaches full capacity.

7 Independent Channels which completely fill each battery  
Fast type C USB charging, cable included  
Can charge up to 7 batteries simultaneously, (6 x AA/AAA + 9V or 4 x C/D + 9V)  
Charges all 5 of the main sizes of NiMH Rechargeable batteries: AAA, AA, C, D, 9V  
-Delta V safety cut off system. Switches to trickle charge when batteries are full  
Battery reverse and short circuit protection  
Alarm Indication Function, when the device detects a short circuit, bad cells, battery being placed the wrong way around or the use of none rechargeable batteries, it will flash red and green continuously.  

C016: USB-C
Intelligent Universal Charger

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Inner 6 / Outer 24